Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Salty pretzel rods are dipped in rich chocolate and topped with a white chocolate drizzle or sprinkles. Great for graduation parties with school color sprinkles. Great party favors!

  • $1.50 each*

  • $2.00 with Toffee Topping

  • $2.00 with Pecan Topping

  • $12 a dozen*

  • *Add $0.50 each for Toffee or Pecan Topping

Caramel Pretzel Rods

Pretzel rods dipped in creamy caramel, then coated in dark chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle. Truly decadent!

  • $2.50 each*

  • $3.00 with Pecan Topping

  • $3.00 with Toffee Topping

  • $25.00 a dozen*

  • *Add $0.50 each for Toffee or Pecan Topping


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