Gourmet Chocolate Bars. Five delicious flavors to conquer your sweet tooth!

Cranberry Pecan Bars

Sweet dark chocolate loaded with tart dried cranberries and pecans. An explosion of taste!


$2.00 a bar

Dark Chocolate Bars

A classic sweet dark chocolate for any chocolate lover.

$2.00 a bar

Dark Chocolate Crunch Bars

A crunchy spin on the classic dark chocolate taste, making chocolate even more fun!


$2.00 a bar


Milk Chocolate with Toasted Almonds

This milk chocolate bar features a generous amount of toasted almonds in every bite.

$2.00 a bar

Cookies 'n' Cream Bars

These two flavors are meant for each other! Chocolate cookie based flavor with a vanilla cream taste. 


$2.00 a bar

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