Christmas is right around the corner.  Families and friends getting together, going to "Ugly Christmas Sweater" parties, and the joy of giving rather than receiving.  Make sure to check out our great Christmas chocolate packages, whether it's to give a small gift to a friend or family member or just to have chocolate on hand for entertaining.

Christmas Mug w/ Spoons 

Christmas Mug w/ Pretzels 

A Christmas mug filled with a variety of chocolate liqueur spoons to enjoy with your favorite cup or coffee or hot chocolate on a cold snowy day.


Our wonderful chocolate pretzels decorated for the season and packaged in a holiday mug.


Christmas Gift Bags

Whimsical bags that look like Christmas village buildings are filled with your favorite chocolates.  Please contact us about creating your custom bags.

Christmas Gift Baskets

Looking to make someone's Christmas "sweeter"?  Why not get them a gift basket of their favorite gourmet chocolates.  Please contact us so we can design your Christmas baskets to fit your needs. 

3 Piece Sampler Box

Small Gift Boxes

Our best affordable sampler box includes our specialty chocolates, including a Turtle, a Murtle and a Kahlua Truffle.  Can't be beat for quality and price!



      $6.50 per box

Individual gift boxes can be filled with two or three pieces of your favorite chocolate for a unique gift at an affordable price.  They also make great favors for the dinner table or your office party.

Merry  Christmas